Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm 12 Day's Old!

Today was my due date, April 3, 2013, but I needed to come a little bit earlier than planned so I wouldn't be delivered by my dad on the "Dragon."  (Inside joke: Dad has had the training to "deliver babies" as a deputy, and given that our doctor was about a 2 hour drive from where we live...Mom & Dad joked that this might happen a couple of times).  The Dragon?  It is the mountain we cross to get to Knoxville...11 miles, 318 curves, no signal, in the middle of no where.  YEA.  A little scary.
This is me...38 Weeks as a bun in the oven-The journey now begins!

Another cool thing about April 3?  It is my Lolli and Pop's anniversary!  Happy Anniversary to them!  But instead of coming into the world today...I figured that March 22nd was the best time-I was ready.

Lately...I have spent my time sleeping throughout the day with my glow worm blanket, and keeping mom and dad up at night.  It's pretty funny to see how they react to my cries, dirty diapers, and night owl antics.  We have had a lot of company and doctor's visits, so we are all very tired, but what can I say?  I'm a popular little guy right now. I really love riding in the car, eating all the time, having my hair and feet rubbed, biting my bottom lip, and making Penny jealous.  I DON'T like when mom and dad dress me...MAN do they need practice.  They really should have invested in some baby classes and dressed a couple of baby dolls before attempting to dress me...eeessshhh.  But HEY, overall...this is an interesting place so far...

Mom cries a lot.  She sees a deflated baby boy balloon...she cries.  My umbilical cord fell off yesterday...she cried.  She looks at me...she cries.  She kisses me...she cries.  She talks to me...she cries.  I smile at her, she cries.  Dad just laughs at her.  She is pretty funny right now.  I know she just loves me and that is how she expresses it right I'll give her time to get it together-or this could be embarrassing!

I went to have my pictures taken last week with a pretty popular newborn photographer in our stay tuned for my pictures from that shoot and for my monthly updates!  I look pretty cute if I do say so myself!  (The photographer even said I had lips like Elvis if that tells you anything)  I'm sure Mom will be talking about me here a lot too, besides those regular updates-so you CAN'T miss that;)

Well, I have got to get back to sleep!  It's day time!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

My life will never be the same.  And I wouldn't change it for the world.  On this Easter Sunday, I look back at life and reflect on all of the major events that stand out to me.  My childhood and how perfect my mom tried to make every little thing in my life, the day I received Jesus Christ as my savior, graduating high school, beginning college & life "outside the bubble," building our home, marrying my best friend, getting accepted into graduate school, and now, our sweet little Cam.  God has been so good to me that I could just sit and cry for days.  I am so undeserving of all of the things he has given me in this life.  I have the most precious blessings that surround me everyday.  I am overwhelmed at what he has given me...I just hope I can make Him proud with what I do with those blessings.  

Here are some more pictures from this past week (I know I promised them like a week ago but life has been CRAZY here lately!)

A brief visit during labor from my mom and sis
...epidurals are great...don't judge.

Cam & Dad

Cam & Grandnana

Cam, "BB," and great grandma

Cam meeting Aunt Kaye & Lindsey (friend, cousin, & neighbor:)

Cam & His "Lolli" (my mom)

Jess & Cam

Cam & Linds
Cam & Aunt KK

Daddy on his very uncomfortable bed

Signing out of hospital

Look out world, I'm coming home!

Welcome HOME Cam!!

Ignore the ugly bush beneath...I've got a lot of landscaping to do this spring!

Joe Daddy, Uncle Brody, & Cam

Pop, Cam, "CC", & Penn (my dad & sis)
Loxley and Cam

Cade, Cam, & BB

Should I really have came home with these people??

Aunt Joyce 

Nana Dot

My good friends Samantha, Candy & Morgan:)
They gave me the golden advice that bought Cade, Cam, and I a full nights sleep!

I also wanted to share our Easter decor.  May be ALMOST too late, but I guess you can say we've been a little busy lately;)  

Chalkboard inspiration here: He is Risen

Cam's first Easter Basket...
Took this as an opportunity to give him his first Snoopy;)

From my family to yours...

Too funny not to share...

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

He is HERE!

Welcome to the world "Cam" Camden Tripp Adams:)

Born: March 22, 2013
at 6:03 pm
Knoxville, TN
Weighing In at: 7 lbs, 12 oz. 

What a long journey it has been to meet you.  On this day, the day you came into this world, I am 25 years old.  I am just about to finish graduate school, have been married to your dad for 3 years, we have 3 crazy dogs (you'll see what I mean!), and am scared to death about introducing you to life.  You came unexpectedly into our lives in August of last year, but really...that was probably the best way to come.  You rocked our world into something entirely fresh, new, and different.  Its hard to imagine that this day is the start of our journey together.  How can a day, something so small and fleeting, have such a huge impact on someone's life?  I often have wondered ever since we found out about you what our journey as a family might be like.  

A few heads up:
-Your Dad is probably going to try to make you a Panthers fan for life, yeah...starting TODAY.  He is not going to waste ANY time.
-Your sister Penny is probably going to smell you and stare you down for a while before she figures out what you are.  But prepared.  You are probably going to be her new sleep buddy.  
-CeCe & Aunt KK will have you dressed in the cutest clothes and spoil you rotten 
-Your Lollie & BB will probably try to smother you with hugs and kisses.
-Your Joe Daddy will probably try to make you a Steelers fan in spite of your day.  
-Your Pop will try to teach you huge words and read the dictionary to you (you may end up like me one day and wished you had listened if you end up taking the GRE)
-Your Grandnana, Papa, Nana Dot, Mamaw Muriel, & Mamaw Betty will probably give you advice and tell you all the important things you need to know about life (even though you probably don't understand what they are saying right now...they like to tell stories and give advice)
-Your Aunt Karen, Uncle Todd, Aunt Kim, Aunt Brenda, Aunt Lois, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Shannon, Aunt Kaye (yes you have a lot of Aunts lol) will all be a blast to hang out with...and PROBABLY spoil you rotten just like your other two wild and crazy aunts mentioned at the top;)  I think we are in trouble with the spoiling...
-Uncle Brody will try to teach you how to be a daredevil and do crazy stunts and tricks...just make sure you check with me and your dad first!  (SO weird to say stuff like that!)
-As for all of your dad and I...well, our friends?  Don't listen to a word they say about us!  None of it is true.  
-And me...well...I have had MANY years of education regarding your speech & language skills...prepare to be read to, highly engaged, and overstimulated any chance I get!  I will also probably try to convince you to love all little animals (especially dogs), Christmas, and anything Snoopy.'s worth a shot!

And with that...welcome to the family;)

I pray that I will be the best mom in the world.  I already know you have the best dad in the world.  You have a family head over heels in love with you already, and a bunch of our friends who are crazy about you as well.  But who loves you the most?  Jesus.  Never forget that.  That is the most important thing I can teach you about life.  I hope you can always look back and realize just how blessed and loved you really are.  You see... God has been preparing all of us just for your arrival.  We didn't know it, but I know He wants to make sure we take great care of you.  I promise to try my hardest, just please be patient as I learn:)

I love you more than words can express, to the moon & back again.
Your (VERY new) Mommy:)

Photo: Love this

More to come tomorrow!:)
I'm over the moon in love with my little family...that is ALL I can say!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cam's Nursery

Remember my rough sketches of Cam's nursery from late last fall?

And my little "vision board"...

Pretty comical I know!  Now take a look...

Reading Nook

Still have to fill those empty frames with Cam pics;)

I am so pleased with how it all came together!  I kind of felt like it was a risk when I first decided not to pick out a nursery theme and bedding set...but I had a lot of boiling creative energy to expel and it really gave me an outlet to relieve the crazy stress of grad school.  It was very therapeutic to work on our little guy's room when everything else seemed chaotic and out of my control!  I just have too much fun when it comes to decorating our home...