Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Bump Update: 34 Weeks (No not Months!)

I didn't change the picture just because it verifies preggo brain...

This is Week #:  34 Weeks
Total Weight Gain:  19 lbs
What I am wearing:  I am dreaming of clothes after baby right now.  Looking in my closet is exhausting…it feels like nothing is comfortable enough (except the maxi dress and gaucho pants of course!)
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  Still gotta say Gaucho’s, Maxi Dress, and cami’s
Body woes:  Little Mr. Adams is having a fun time crushing my upper ribs…they are SO sore!  Man oh man. 
Best part of week:  We had a blast in Knoxville (SAFE HAVEN happened and I loved it…we got a healthy check-up/no gestational diabetes, did some shopping for baby), Random trip to Asheville with hubs…ordered the rest of our furniture (he got a TV…long story) and our house is on its way to being ready for our new additionJ  Great feeling:)!  Oh, and we got a sneak peek at maternity pics (they’re supposed to be on their way this week!)
Feel anything in there?  Ok I THOUGHT he had slowed down in the moving department…wrong!  He must be very uncomfortable in there…that’s all I can figure out.
Gives me the Creeps:  coffee…:,(, and anything I bring for lunch (horrible isn’t it?) maybe it’s unappealing because it’s set for a couple hours?
I miss:  Sleeping on my belly, Diet Pepsi’s, coffee, hair color, sweat.  These are all things I don’t think I’ll remember after he gets here…No complaints!
Zzzzz Pattern: Just several pee visits with the bathroom.
Gender:  Little ManJ
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  It is on vacation until March 27ish
I’m Craving:  Starbucks, Cookie Dough ice cream
Working Out Regimen:  2 times, we have had a busy week!  I have got to get back at it so I don’t lose momentum!
Mood (s):  HappyJ
I can’t wait for:  Maternity pics, Furniture Delivery, Baby A’s arrival, End of Master’s Project and clinical rotation, Completion of nursery.  Can’t wait to share everything!

This week, Baby A weighs as much as:
 A bag of sugar!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

On the Road to TN Again...

After I got out of class on Tuesday, the Mr, Penny and I headed to Knoxville to spend the night for the early morning call time for the baby doc appointment on Wednesday.  What was different about this trip?  We got to FINALLY shop for our little guy.  We joked about how many times we had "visited" Baby's R Us...we figured they were getting suspicious with as many times as we had came and left empty handed!  We took all of the gift cards from our shower, and checked off almost everything on our list and spent roughly less than $100 out of our own pocket.  WOW!  Definitely a blessing:)

BUT first...We had our belated Valentines date and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, Gander Mountain and HHGregg (yes I was a great wife as well-wink wink) ANNNNDD seen "Safe Haven,"-the movie I have been waiting to see for a WHOLE year and it DID NOT disappoint:)  

Neither did the Cherry Slushie or Sourpatch Kids;) says the chick going in for a second gestational diabetes test...OOPS!
Wake up at 6:30 am and head to the baby doc!
Despite the numerous finger pricks and NASTY glucose drink I had to chug for the second time...everything turned out perfect!  No gestational diabetes...the "little" 5 lb 3 oz-er slowed down his growth spurt weighing in at 6 lbs (on track to be a normal 7-8 lbs come end of March-shwew!) and we both had very healthy checkups buying us two more weeks before we make the weekly journey to Knoxville just before he arrives.  
But I am really NOT complaining...I love the trips;)
And once again...we were shocked to be given a 3D "photo shoot."  We have been spoiled to death with these things...

Look for the nose and mouth...that's all your gonna see!
He's yawning!
Side view

Off to Target, RED LOBSTER, Buy Buy Baby, Homegoods, Babies R Us... 
Our RL staple...Lobster Artichoke Dip - pretty sure I could live off of this stuff!

 I would say we had a successful shopping trip:)
We're almost ready!!

Two of the most exciting things for me...(I know I know...DORK!)

Feeding "Tools"! a LOT of randomness in this post-forgive me;)
Have a great night!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby Bump Update:33 Weeks

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!  Sorry it has been so long since I have last posted!  Life is really catching up with me, but that just means it is getting very EXCITING.  We are tiny details away from being finished with the nursery, I am tired of waiting on maternity pictures to announce Baby A's entire name and be able to share his baby shower fun (so look for that this next week!), and I have almost completed all of my clinical hours and will have Phase I of my Masters Project behind me after the first week in March!  He is almost here you guys!  AHHHHHHHH:)

This is Week #:  33 Weeks
Total Weight Gain:  17 lbs
What I am wearing:  Found some fabulous black gaucho pants lonely in my closet last week and once we got reacquainted on Friday…it’s hard to chose another pair!  SO comfy!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  Gaucho’s, Maxi Dress, and cami’s (much more comfy than bra’s!)
Body woes:  Felt pretty good this week until I caught an upper respiratory sickness from the nursing home:/  This week we have another illness spreading…fingers crossed it doesn’t spread like the other! 
Best part of week:  Furniture arrived and my sweet family did some spring cleaning at our house.  We are READY!
Feel anything in there?  He is actually starting to slow down a bit…it is very weird.  But throw Penny on him and he will give her a mastered karate chop.  He doesn’t tolerate her very well at this point…hoping this changes!
Gives me the Creeps:  coffee…:,(, the sugar drink I have to endure again for the glucose test (nightmares! Yuck!)
I miss:  Sleeping on my belly, Diet Pepsi’s, coffee, hair color, sweat.  But it’s all worth it for what is comingJ  I can’t wait.
Zzzzz Pattern: A little heartburn and reflux visited again.  At least it was just one nightJ
Gender:  Little ManJ
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  I don’t think I have one anymore…
I’m Craving:  Frappes, sandwiches
Working Out Regimen:  Around 3 times, can’t say enough how thankful I am for fit sugar and you tube!
Mood (s):  HappyJ
I can’t wait for:  Maternity pics, Knoxville trip today and tomorrow, Using gift cards to shop for rest of Baby's things, Baby A’s arrival, End of Master’s Project and clinical rotation, Completion of nursery.  I pretty much just live on edge!;)  And I like it!

I turn 34 weeks tomorrow so the updates may be pretty close together! 


Collarbone length Pearl Necklace

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Valentine's Day

I never really liked Valentines Day in my teen years.  Primarily because as soon as Christmas Day arrived, Valentine merchandise shoved my beloved Christmas decorations into the next year and THAT my not cool.  Another thing I didn't really get was... why there had to be one day out of the year that you show someone you love them.  Why not do that everyday of the year?  Just didn't get it!  Isn't that what love really is?  ALWAYS showing someone how much they mean to you?

I do appreciate it a bit more now.  Not really sure why, I guess it's just because I enjoy holiday's like a maniac.  I love decorating, planning a (rare) date night, being able to plan themed therapy activities, having an excuse to drag my Mr. to a chick flick (SAFE HAVEN ANYONE???;)  We shall see how THAT works out but oh WHAT an opportunity for Cade to prove his love...  

In honor of this heart festive holiday, here are a few of the decorations I threw together for our home: 

Penny is ALWAYS decorated

Hope everyone has a "love-ly" day!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bump Update: 32 Weeks

PS...sneak peek above to nursery color!  IN LOVE:)

This is Week #:  32 Weeks
Total Weight Gain:  15 lbs (He weighs 5 LBS 3 OZ!!!)  Not gonna lie...a little scared @ that
What I am wearing:  Well, anything that will cover my belly.  At this point, cute stylish clothes make me feel normal and less like a I am trying to still dress up as much as I can! 
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  I am still loving that Black Old Navy Maxi Dress, too bad I can’t wear it everyday!!;)
Body woes:  Contractions, and pressure/pain that is supposedly caused by baby laying on a nerve.  My belly is very itchy, but I am not going to complain because so far I am stretch mark free.   I just pray it doesn’t change before baby comes or appear afterwards! 
Best part of week:  Knoxville tripJ  We had a mini Super Bowl party, a Drs. Visit complete with 2D/3D pics, and picked up everything (well almost) we will need for little man’s room.
Feel anything in there?  Looks like a major crowd has coordinated the wave under my skin.
Gives me the Creeps:  coffee…:,(
I miss:  Sleeping on my belly, Diet Pepsi’s, coffee, hair color, sweat…yes you read that right, I miss actual sweat during an exercise.
Zzzzz Pattern: Well, seems a few mornings a week I wake up at 4 am…and usually on the mornings I can sleep in late.  That gets kinda frustrating every now and then!
Gender:  Little ManJ
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Can’t possibly come out any further, but that doesn't stop him from trying.
I’m Craving:  Fruit, especially apples, chili, and McDonald's Frappe's.
Working Out Regimen:  Maybe 3 times…it is getting harder and harder.
Mood (s):  HappyJ
I can’t wait for:  Baby Shower today!, Decorating Baby A’s room, getting his room painted (it's being painted as I type...epppp!), maternity pics to be sent!

Well.  As for the size report, he is supposed to be weighing 4 lbs at the end of this it might be a LITTLE off...BUT I'll go ahead and share the comparison...

This week Baby A is the size of:
A Pair of Boots...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

THE Bag Decision...

One of the most exciting things for me as a new mom-to-be was getting to pick out the PERFECT baby bag.  (I know, I know...LAME, but I am such a bag girl!)  I have been looking since probably August and am excited to finally say that I FOUND THE ONE.  It was definitely hard to choose between Coach, Petunia Pickle Bottom, and all the other cute types/brands but I am so beyond happy with my decision.  Sure it was a splurge (as are most diaper bags these days) but I am SO totally fine with that being my Valentine's and B-day present...I LOVE IT!  It is HUGE and ROOMY, easy to clean, has tons of pockets and storage, and is very chic;)  Even the Mr. seemed like he would be fine being seen in public carrying it.  
So here it is, drum roll please!  
My diaper bag...

 Marc Jacob's Pretty Nylon Eliza-Baby Bag.

Thanks for indulging me for this post about a diaper bag as I express my bag fetish!  ;)
NOW to stock her up with goodies for BABY A!

OH, and we have FINALLY decided on Baby A's name...I will probably be sharing that in the near future.  Also, the baby shower is creeping in on is next Saturday!  So much going on, time is flying by - Can't wait for what's ahead!  :)
Happy Sunday!

Here are some pics from our "big snow" this weekend too!  Waited so long for this here in NC (we were lucky enough to have our maternity pics scheduled during it!!)  SO EXCITED to see them:)