Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3rd Trimester: 28 Weeks

This is Week #:  28 Weeks (3rd Trimester!  The Third AND FINAL…can’t believe it)
Total Weight Gain:  10 lbs
What I am wearing:  This week? Well I started my internship so I am wearing my black shirts and khaki’s until I run out and then anything that is comfortable and “work saavy…” ;)
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  I would have to say the belly band this week…nope not glamorous at all but it allows me to wear my old pants and be comfortable!
Body woes:  WHOA…you really want to know?  Well if a visit to the hospital this weekend tells ya anything than there ya go!  I have had a lot of pain and pressure in my lower abdomen.  Once we called the doc, they thought it might be preterm labor...after an hour and a half drive later and a 40 minute eval it turns out I am just carrying this little guy so low that it is creating a lot of pressure and discomfort SO…I am now anticipating the arrival of a lovely support belt.
Best part of week:  Successfully completing my goal clinical hours…loving my placementJ  Makes me feel much better to know that this IS going to be possible to earn my hours!
Feel anything in there?  Cade even got to feel him this week!  It was great to finally prove that I am NOT a liar like Baby A tries to make me out to be when his daddy tries to feel him move.
Gives me the Creeps:  coffee:/ (AND I NEED WANT IT SO BAD)
I miss:  not feeling like I am carrying around a rock in my belly…lol BUT it is so worth itJ
Zzzzz Pattern: AMAZING…my sweet M.I.L and S.I.L got a SNOOGLE for me to sleep with…this is ESSENTIAL for a good nights sleep!
Gender:  Little ManJ
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Outie
I’m Craving:  Fruit, Anything sour and sweet (sadly)
Working Out Regimen:  UMMMM one day so far…which makes me a total slacker!  But for the most part, we walk like mad women at my clinical placement so that is working in my favor.
Mood (s):  J  Feeling very blessed and excited.
I can’t wait for:  Decorating Baby A’s room, My hubby’s bday, MARCH 27 

This Week, Baby A is the size of a:
An amusement park churro!

Just FYI...Since I have started back to clinic and school...posts will probably be cut down a bit so expect 2-3 a week!  ;)  Gotta pace myself with everything!

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