Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Extreme Nesting

For three years, we have had these lovely metal church seats for dining room chairs.  We have had a cute little empty random room that stored our friend's chaise that nobody ever entered.  Cam's nursery was my go to work out haven, and well...the office?  It was an empty room for a little while but it has been pretty awesome for about a year now!  We did that last year when I started graduate school and Cade began his Criminal Justice studies;)  Any who...I'm getting side tracked.  THIS year, we FINALLY finished what we have dreamed of doing from the beginning...Take a look!
We have been in EXTREME nesting mode lately preparing for little Cam to come into our lives:)

The Dining Area:


The "Man Cave" or "Den" 
(as I prefer to call it! lol)

Paint job...

Then the furniture came!

Eeek all that wire!
It may be a while before we have this room completely done, but's a start!


(Still a few things to do...but had to share so far...)

Family Portrait

The Mrs.'s Desk
Speech Therapy Central

The Mr.'s Desk
Gamer & Criminal Justice Station

Cam's already taking over...(and Penny photo-bombing)

Look's like the paint needs a touch up...woops lol

Penn's cozy corner under my desk

Don't get me wrong...I would go 20 more years without all of these additions we've added to our home  (yes even with those ugly metal chairs).  I mean-we are SO blessed to even HAVE a home!  I am just so thankful that we were given the opportunity to "nest" and make our home the best it could be before Cam comes home for the first time:)  I think we're ready...well, as ready as we will EVER be!
Cam's nursery to come tomorrow!

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